What efforts have you made to drink more water?

2020-06-11 20:31:00

Despite the fact that drinking water is a very important thing to most people, there are always various conditions that make us under-drink.

There are those who can't remember to drink water when they get busy, and those who just don't like to drink water, especially plain water.


The main components of honey include glucose, fructose, sucrose, etc. Depending on the variety of honey, the proportion of different sugars may vary slightly.

The fructose in honey has a characteristic that its sweetness varies with temperature, with the lower the temperature the higher the sweetness.

In addition, fructose has the ability to absorb water and release water molecules slowly, so drinking this kind of water can play a better role in moisturizing, not quickly discharged through the kidneys.

How a Manuka honey 'sandwich' could be the key to fighting infections – Science & research news | Frontiers

Key note: Keep the amount small, the sweetness if any is best, no need to get hung up on variety, any honey will do.
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Fresh Fruit

What efforts have you made to drink more water?
There are many fashion bloggers on Instagram who will have fruit soaks in water, which in their eyes is the trendiest trend compared to juice and smoothie.

After the fruit is soaked in water, wait a bit before drinking it, or refrigerate it for 1-2 hours, making the dissolved fructose taste even sweeter.

Fruit drinks with a very diverse way, the taste of light, value is also quite high, friends can play their own creative try.

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Key Note: Try not to use too hot water, room temperature cold or iced water tastes better, you can also add a little lemon juice to adjust the taste.

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What efforts have you made to drink more water?
As one of the world's top three beverages, tea is a popular choice, whether it's a premium kung fu tea or a fashionable tea bag.

However, tea also contains caffeine, and the stronger the tea, the higher the content. Drinking a large amount of tea still carries the risk of excessive caffeine intake, causing discomfort.

So, if you don't like drinking water, just tea, then try to drink more light tea water to have a better hydration effect.

Green tea: Health benefits, side effects, and research

Key Note: Compared to black tea, green tea has a lower caffeine content. If you drink herbal teas, try not to add sugar.

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What efforts have you made to drink more water?
The content of caffeine in coffee is significantly higher, and generally speaking, coffee is about the right powder water ratio, good drink when the concentration is about the same, can be thickened, but rarely add water to drink again.

In addition, if you add milk, or even syrup coffee, the fat and sugar content is elevated, drinking too much is not good for health.

Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, will accelerate the body's water loss, the overall can not be used as the main source of water.

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Key note: The average person has no problem with 1-2 cups of coffee per day, but try to reduce it during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and if you're going to drink it, we recommend adding milk and no sugar.

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