Important rule of health and wellness: eat less salt, use more salt

2020-05-26 16:09:04

High salt intake linked to increased mortality rate in new Japanese study

Salt is an important dietary seasoning and an indispensable substance for maintaining human life activities. However, eating too much salt can be bad for the body. Life should adhere to the important rule of health care: eat less salt, use more salt.

Salt is an indispensable material to maintain human life activities.

Sodium and chloride ions are vital to the human body

Sodium and chloride ions contained in salt are involved in almost all the important activities of the human body, especially in maintaining the body's water and salt metabolism, acid-base balance and osmotic pressure, maintaining the relative stability of the body's "internal environment" and maintaining the excitability of nerve and skeletal muscle.

Chloride ion is the main component of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.

In addition to aiding digestion, hydrochloric acid has a strong antiseptic effect. If salt intake is too low, or if too much water is consumed in the summer, diluting the concentration of gastric juice, it can cause loss of appetite and indigestion, and can lead to intestinal infections.

Sodium chloride is closely related to muscle activity

When there is an insufficient supply of salt, muscles become weak and fatigued easily. When the sodium chloride in the body decreases sharply after sweating in summer and cannot be replenished in time, it can lead to muscle cramps, which are called "heat cramps". Therefore, workers and athletes who work in high temperatures in summer need to supplement their drinks with salt, such as salt soda, in a timely manner.

Salt is important, but don't eat too much!

Excessive intake of salt can easily induce hypertension, cardiac, cerebral and kidney diseases, esophagus and stomach cancer, etc. This has been confirmed by many years of research in Chinese and foreign medical circles.

Survey data show that human blood pressure and salt intake are positively correlated. In China, the prevalence of high blood pressure among farmers in the two regions with the highest salt intake (average 17.3 grams) and the lowest (7.5 grams) are 15.3% and 8.2% respectively.

Japanese scientists found that as people's salt intake decreased, the incidence of stomach cancer decreased significantly.

British scientists found that the more salt intake, the more calcium excretion in urine, and the poorer the calcium absorption.

Therefore, eating less salt is of great significance to the maintenance of health. According to the World Health Organization's recommendations, most people should keep their salt intake below 5 grams per day.

Eat less salt, use more salt.

Salt has many health care benefits, so we should use more salt in our lives.

Treatment of oral diseases

Gargling with light salt water several times a day can remove bad breath.

Chronic pharyngitis patients with pharyngeal pain, coughing the throat several times a day with light salt water, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

With eggplant root and salt pounded into powder, wiped in the toothache place can relieve pain.

Treatment of skin diseases

Soak the whole body in a bathtub with a good amount of salt to reduce the onset of eczema.

Fine salt rubbed on frostbite can cure frostbite.

Use salt research powder to rub the affected area, can prevent athlete's foot.

After working barefoot in the paddy fields in the countryside, wash your feet and arms with light salt water, then wash them with water to prevent paddy dermatitis.

People who have armpit odor can use light salt water to wash their armpits. People who are prone to foot sweat and have a strong odor can use salt water to wash their feet to get rid of foot odor.

Treatment of abdominal pain

Caused by cold abdominal pain, hernia or bladder paralysis urinary incontinence, available salt half a catty fried hot, loaded in a cloth bag, warm compress abdomen or rubbing the abdomen, have cold dissipate pain, pass the urine and other effects. Also available across the salt moxibustion method, the treatment of cold and damp caused by abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on.

Anti-cough and emetic

For tracheal allergy cough, drink 1:100 light saline water with gargling to slow down the cough; for mild food poisoning or stomach discomfort caused by drinking too much alcohol, drink concentrated saline water to induce vomiting to reduce the symptoms of poisoning.

Help to quit smoking

Lick some salt on your tongue before smoking, smoking is less addictive and helps to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke and help you quit.

Oral rehydration

In the thick rice soup put a small amount of salt and sugar, so that slightly salty and sweet taste, vomiting, diarrhea patients can drink to prevent dehydration. Patients with vomiting and diarrhea can drink it to prevent dehydration. Oral rehydration salts can also be purchased from pharmacies and used according to instructions for better efficacy. In severe cases, a 0.9% intravenous sodium chloride solution should be administered in the hospital.

In addition, wrap the fried salt in aluminum foil and apply it to your shoulder to relieve shoulder pain. Drink a small amount of light salt water before singing to prevent hoarseness.