Is eating fish eyes good for your eyes? It's really good for the eyes.

2020-05-18 22:48:04


When I was a child often heard family members say that eating fish eyes is good for the eyes, not only believe it, and every time I eat fish to chew those difficult to chew the fish eyes, is it really good for the eyes? Today's episode will show you a little more!

Is eating fish eyes good for your eyes? It's really good for the eyes.
What is good for the eyes is actually not fish eyes, but the rich DHA in fish, this substance is very helpful for the development of the retina, but also to prevent retinopathy and other eye diseases. Among the many types of fish, especially deep-sea fish eyes are good for the human body, so if you want to brighten your eyes and prevent eye diseases, you may want to eat more fish eyes, especially deep-sea fish eyes in general. Any thing is overkill, generally a week or two can be eaten, eat too much, will affect the body for the absorption of vitamins.

What are the other benefits of eating fish on the body?


Eating fish reduces the risk of heart disease

Recent studies have shown that eating fish a few times a week significantly reduces the risk of sudden death from heart disease or other related conditions, with regular fish eaters 81% less likely to die suddenly from a heart attack than others.

Eating fish lowers cholesterol

The fat contained in fish is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, and after digestion and absorption of fatty acids in the blood can be combined with blood cholesterol, the cholesterol from the blood vessels to take away, thereby reducing the body's cholesterol content, to maintain good health.

Eating fish is good for brain development

Fish contain DHA, which is mainly found in the brain, retina and nerves in the human body; DHA is essential for the normal function of the retina, especially in infants, and for the healthy development of vision; DHA is also essential for the development of the human brain and intelligence.