What you thought was the 8 hours of "golden sleep" turned out to be wrong! How do I get a good night's sleep?

2020-08-10 10:25:10

As we all know, a healthy body needs rest, and sleep is the most direct way for our body to get rest.

However, research shows that what most people think of as 8 hours of "golden sleep" is instead a health "killer"!

The University of California, San Diego School of Pharmacy and the American Cancer Society had spent six years doing an experiment on a million people between the ages of 30 and 102. The results of the study are shown in the figure below.
Obviously, the number of hours of sleep does not increase in proportion to the risk of death, with the lowest risk of death occurring in 6.5 hours of sleep, and rising steeply below 4.5 hours and above 8.5 hours!

[How to Improve Sleep Quality]

But some of you are confused, but why do I get sleepy during the day when I sleep 7 hours?
That's mostly because the quality of your sleep needs to improve! Follow the following points to do, can greatly improve the quality of sleep, do not foolishly think that everything is because of the lack of sleep time it!

01. Follow circadian rhythm (biological clock)

Set a time when you must go to bed and a time when you must get up.
Don't go to bed late on weekdays and wake up late on holidays and sleep through the night! Keeping a good biological clock keeps our body's cells more regular, and the easiest way to solidify our biological clock is to not stay up all night! Don't stay up all night! Don't stay up all night!
Don't think you can beat the clock by staying up all night, but what you're actually losing is not only your weekend breakfast, but your health as well.
What you thought was an 8-hour "golden sleep" turned out to be wrong! How do I get a good night's sleep?

02. Pay attention to what you eat after 8:00 pm and quit snacking.

People often complain about their own insomnia, but did not think you put the stomach burst it shall not drag on you to stay up all night "overtime" it?
Eating fatty, spicy food, citrus fruits and carbonated drinks before going to bed will lead to indigestion, stomach acidity, seriously affecting sleep. In addition, it is not recommended to drink wine, tea and coffee and other drinks that make people in the excited state before going to bed.
As the saying goes, if you don't do it, you won't die!
What you think is the 8 hours of "golden sleep" turns out to be wrong! How do I get a good night's sleep?

03, bedtime preparation should be good, hot bath is a good choice

Before going to bed to wash a hot bath to eliminate fatigue, increase blood supply and circulation are good.
U.S. documentary "Ten Laws of Sleep" did an experiment to prove that a hot bath before going to bed can make the body temperature rise, after the bath will drop body temperature, when the normal body temperature will be restored, people will feel sleepy.
The principle behind this experiment is that a drop in ambient temperature causes the body to burn off heat, and when it reaches a certain point, people feel tired.
What you think is the "golden sleep" of 8 hours is wrong! How do I get a good night's sleep?
So give yourself a nice hot bath and get better relaxation~!